Cream for problem skin SOME BY MI

Cream for problem skin with AHA-BHA-PHA acids. This cream was advised to me by a beautician after cleansing my face. The skin exfoliates well, and thanks to the tea tree extract, it is strengthened and soothed. The product does not leave a sticky film on the skin, has a light texture. During use, the skin will renew its protective barrier and regenerate.

The cream is great for problem skin, and even for sensitive skin, as it contains Asian centella (but you should consult your doctor). Has a pleasant herbaceous scent.

It is necessary to use cosmetics with acids very carefully (information can be found on the channel in the post below).

Smell 10/10

Application 9/10

Texture 10/10

Effect 10/10

Chajleen mua your beauty advisor


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