Cleansing gel TriXera Nutrition


Light nourishing cleansing gel "TriXera Nutrition". An excellent French remedy for dry and sensitive skin. The main component of the gel, as well as all the products of this brand, is thermal water from the Avene spring. 💧 The skin of the face does not dry out (which is often the fault of other brands of cleansers), due to the absence of soap in the composition.

 The face becomes very clean, soft and protected from dryness for about 6 hours. To prolong the effect, you should use the following skin care steps.

Also, this hypoallergenic gel is suitable for cleansing the whole body, it lasts for a long time. A 400ml jar is enough for a year (most importantly, keep an eye on the expiration date).

Smell 8/10

Application 10/10

Texture 10/10

Effect 9/10