Skin care masks

 Brands worth paying attention to:

1. Name Skin Care - masks with vitamins that give the skin radiance, even out its tone and moisturize. Smooths out fine wrinkles, makes the skin firm and soft.

 2. Consly is a Korean cosmetics brand. A very pleasant fabric that you hardly feel on the face, the impregnation is good, it moisturizes, cleanses and evens out the skin tone.

 3. Rorec - moisturizing masks with extracts of natural ingredients. After them, the skin remains hydrated for 7-10 hours. Neutralize inflammation and cleanse the skin.

 4. Zeitun - a brand with Wildberries, quite budget. Their masks are not only effective, but also very beautiful. They perfectly cope with cleansing the skin and muffling inflammation.

 5. Caudalie - clay masks of the middle class. They do not dry out, do not cause irritation, on the contrary, it removes inflammation, cleanses the pores and narrows them.

 6. Yves-Rocher - new launch of miniature mask tubes. One of the best is the calendula evening mask. Perfectly soothes the skin, suitable for both young and adult skins.

 If you have sensitive skin, be sure to pay attention to the composition, many cloth masks can cause irritation or allergies.


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