How to take care of dry skin❓

 Today our day will be dedicated to caring for dry skin🌝

Dry skin suffers from a lack of moisture and natural grease.

🌾 Causes of dry face:

1. Wrong care program

2. Heredity

3. Dermatitis

🌿General rules for dry skin care:

1. Always wash off makeup before bed and do not rub your skin with a cotton pad.

2. Eliminate cosmetics with retinol and its derivatives

3. Avoid tap water (it is harsh and can cause irritation)

4. Avoid coarse scrubs

5. Alternate between different types of masks

💧Features of dry skin care:

1. In the morning☀️ choose products with SPF, especially during the sunny season. The main emphasis is on moisturizing and protecting from negative environmental factors, so the texture of a day cream can be light and melting.

2. In the evening🌜 the main focus is on thorough cleansing, nutrition and recovery. Be sure to use make-up removers, toner and night cream with a dense and rich texture.


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