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10 step Korean care | Morning

Many people like to end their skin care routine with one moisturizer, while Korean women use six to ten different products. The order in which products are used also plays an important role. All steps are thought out, and each has its own purpose: preparation, treatment, hydration and protection.

The most common is considered to be 10-step care, but not everyone needs to follow all steps, especially every day. Each stage has its own task and everyone decides for himself how many products his skin needs, taking into account its characteristics.

1. Foam / Gel
2. Toner / Tonic
3. Cloth mask
4. Day mask / Alginate mask
5. Purifying mask / Peeling mask
6. Serum / emulsion
7. Cream
8. Eye cream
9. Patches
10. Sunscreen

10 step Korean care | Evening

Continuation of the post about Korean skin care. Do not forget that regular facial care is required for everyone: both men and women, of any age.

1. Hydrophilic oil

2. Foam / Gel

3. Toner / Tonic

4. Essence / Serum / Emulsion

5. Cream / Cream night mask

6. Eye cream

Closing the topic of Korean care, we would also like to tell you about additional products:

1. Peeling

2. A point remedy for inflammation

3. Purifying mask

4. Regular mask (mask / cream)


  1. This was interesting to read. I knew nothing about the Korean skin care. The steps are more than the regular routines for sure.

  2. The post was entirely amazing. So many helpful tips with interesting information. Thanks for sharing


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