Matting wipes for oily skin

 What are they needed for ?

Matting wipes are designed for oily skin to remove excess oily sheen without damaging your makeup.

How do they work?

Napkins are made of cellulose or a thin sheet of rice paper that can instantly absorb moisture. Thanks to the powder in the composition, your skin becomes matte. Also, wipes can be impregnated with zinc oxide to dry inflammation or a fragrance-free solution for allergy sufferers.

Each napkin is disposable; when using, you need to gently blot your problem areas of the face (for example, the t-zone).

1. Artdeco 100pcs.

2. Nyx 50pcs

3. L'etoile 50pcs.

4. Too cool for school 50pcs

5.Manlypro 50pcs.

6. Essence 50pcs.