Today our day will be dedicated to caring for oily / combination skin

 Oily skin is a genetic program, according to which the sebaceous glands secrete more sebum than necessary.

đŸ’¦Reasons for oily skin:

1. Lack of fluid balance

2. Improper use of decorative and care cosmetics

3. Lack of vitamins

đŸŒ¿General rules for the care of oily / combination skin:

1. Give up alcohol-containing lotions

2. Toning. It is best to buy tonics based on natural plant extracts

3. Use serums with hyaluronic acid, vitamins and bactericidal components.

4. If the skin is very oily, then the nourishing regenerating cream should be used only at night and in winter.

5. Use oils. Yes, and for oily skin they are needed, because they remove impurities and have a wound healing effect.

Remember that any problem is fixed with regular care and the right care products.