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Clarins lip comfort oil

 I got to know this oil through miniatures. No wonder it is praised. The oil prepares the skin of the lips very well for lipstick, and even after walking all day with matte lipstick, the lips remain moisturized.  Some oils have a slight color tint, for example I have pink. It brings life to your lips by highlighting your natural lip color while adding some pigment.  I will gladly take the full size as soon as I use up these little ones.

Revolution Relouded Palette Pink

The best pink eyeshadow palette in the budget eyeshadow segment. For $10 you get 18 shades with a creamy, soft texture.  Gorgeous satins that can be adequately applied with a brush rather than a finger, although many even luxury palettes have this drawback. The color does not fade, the pigmentation is excellent, the selection of shades is beyond words! I think that this palette can even be taken as a base palette, because it has a good shading color (cream) and a large number of brown shades. If you love pink make-up, I advise you to try this palette.  

Foundation NYX Total Controle

I have a special feeling for this foundation, because this is my first conscious purchase of foundation. I would not say that this is something terrible, we used to ignore NYX because of their famous palette of crayons, but still some products are worth attention (for example, lipsticks and eyeliners). I like this foundation, it’s light yet covers redness well. Of course, you won’t achieve the effect of Instagram makeup with it, it’s more of a basic tool, but if you try, you can layer it up. It does not emphasize peeling, during the day it leaves the face a little and is imprinted.

Valentine's Day makeup looks

In anticipation of Valentine's Day, I want more pink makeup💞  

Benefit Cheek Stars Mini Palette

 This palette has got me hooked on Benefit's bestselling Hoola Bronzer. I think it goes great with any skin tone. Sugarbomb blush when mixed gives a very beautiful noble dark shade, I used to use more peach shades. But I didn’t really like the highlighter, not very pigmented, maybe not for my skin tone. Also, this palette is available in full, but I took it in a mini format, as it is convenient to take it with me on trips. Sold only at Sephora

Eyeliner Sephora

I love arrows very much, but, unfortunately, I draw them badly. For a long time I could not find a convenient eyeliner for such a crooked hand as I am, and so I decided that it was better to take something budget. For the price, this liner is good. Its tip is felt, which is of course a minus, but it is just as convenient to draw with it as with a brush. The color is bright, does not stain the eyelids and perfectly covers satins / glitters. Perfect for beginners!✨

Too Faced Salted Caramel Eyeshadow Palette

Salted Caramel The second and currently the last Too Faced mini palette of this line. It comes in 8 neutral shades and smells like cookie/salted caramel. It also applies well, even without a base, does not crumble and has strong pigmentation, like my first palette of this line (logically, the composition is the same). Don't forget that you can buy more of these palettes on Cult Beauty.

YSL ROUGE VOLUPTE SHINE Moisturizing Lipstick

Excellent moisturizing lipstick with a satin finish. In fact, the finish is not just satin, it is more like a mixture of tint and lip gloss, and I really like it.  The effect of Korean "kissed" lips with this lipstick is very easy to achieve. I would not buy at full price, I advise you to wait for discounts. And so a great option for the summer for basic makeup. This lipstick is currently $20 at Sephora!

Hot wrap BEAUTIFIC Cheat Slim

 I have to say, it works much better than it looks. Unlike the previous wrap, Cheat Slim contains red hot peppers and cocoa, which gives a fiery result. It smells very nice and has a soft, light texture. I note right away that this remedy is contraindicated for girls with sensitive skin! A very small amount of the product will be enough to apply to problem areas of the skin. The first time, keep no longer than 25-30 minutes! Otherwise, a burn may occur. Further, look at your feelings and skin type. Do not repeat my mistakes, I held on longer, it was very painful for me to wash it all off with water. If you do everything according to the instructions, what will be the result! The skin is tightened instantly, becomes moisturized and elastic. I would recommend using it 1-2 times a week. Great tool to help transform the body 🔥

Little sad clown halloween makeup looks

 Crystal makeup idea «Little sad clown» Products used: bright matte palette the roaring 20's palette rhinestones

Clay wrap BEAUTIFIC for body

 If you thought that salon treatments were expensive, then we will try to dispel this myth with the help of a review of body wraps from BEAUTIFIC. This product is designed for an instant drainage effect, removing excess fluid, getting rid of orange peel on the skin. Wrap well moisturizes the skin, tones it and instantly gives a healthy look.  One has only to apply the product on problem areas of the skin, for example, on the hips and waist, and wrap it with a film. It is advisable to wear tight clothing and hold for 30 minutes to achieve the best effect. The product does not burn and does not cause allergies. The texture is very light and soft. Use 2 times a week, after about a month you will see the first changes🦋

Benefit Love Lips & Tints ~ $30

The set consists of three sensational tints from Benefit in shades of Chachatint, Lovetint, Gogotint and a small shimmering cosmetic bag. For me, tints are a very versatile thing. They can be used to decorate lips, cheeks, and also instead of shadows if you are in a hurry somewhere. Initially, I bought this set because of the shades of Chachatint - to create a natural color and Lovetint - for the effect of kissed lips. We can say that I got the third tint absolutely free. After all, if you buy these products separately, you will get $ 40 + the price of a cosmetic bag. The shades have good pigmentation, do not moisturize or dry the lips. For me, it is a very convenient thing in every sense. Sold only at Sephora

Concealer Fenty Beauty

 Riana's cosmetic brand has shocked the beauty world with its variety of shades of concealers and tonal foundations. For me personally, choosing a shade is a difficult task, but not in this case.  Ordering online, I was able to find the perfect color, thanks to the variety of shades for different skin tones.  It does not roll into wrinkles, it is worn comfortably, the texture is very light, the skin (unlike the foundation) does not dry out and does not lie in a layer like oil (does not feel under the eyes) Sold exclusively at Sephora

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City of dreamy lights ocean blues palette makeup looks

Dior Rouge Satin Lipstick

Sad clown makeup

Burning desire eyeshadow palette makeup looks