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Nutrition tips for problematic skin

 Proper nutrition is the key to clear skin. Follow the rules described in this post so that your skin gets rid of acne and other imperfections🦋 ✨Exclude spices from your diet, especially those that give spiciness, fatty meat, sausages, smoked foods, butter. ✨Include vegetables, fruits, cereals, black bread, boiled low-fat fish, dairy products, leafy vegetables, herbs, greens in the menu. ✨ Consume as many vitamin C foods as possible to give your skin a glow. ✨Check the level of vitamin B. In our climate, it is often underestimated, use it with food or pills to get rid of inflammation. Vitamin E is also very important for healthy skin, which will help the body keep the balance of fat and water, which means it will give the skin elasticity.  I am attaching a little reminder that any diet should be accompanied by daily skin care🥒

Fenty Beauty Lip Gloss Set

A set of iconic Rihanna lip glosses in miniatures. Despite the fact that these are miniatures, they are quite large and will last for a long time. The colors are very beautiful and will suit any skin tone and undertone. The formula of these glosses delights everyone: they are not sticky, do not feel on the skin and last a long time. If you want lip glosses that can be worn alone or with lipstick on a daily basis, I advise you this set!✨  Sold exclusively at Sephora

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City of dreamy lights ocean blues palette makeup looks

Dior Rouge Satin Lipstick

Sad clown makeup

Burning desire eyeshadow palette makeup looks