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Lipstick Burberry Kisses Sheer

One of the best lipsticks I've ever bought. Hue can shimmer and change saturation under different lighting conditions. It also has a very stable structure, thanks to an improved formula and natural ingredients.  Lipstick moisturizes the skin of the lips well, does not emphasize peeling, and will not roll for a long time. Looks natural when repeated throughout the day. It has an unsharp gentle aroma, and a pleasant taste on the lips.  It is worth noting the packaging, it is magnetic, which is very convenient.  I have it in shade 261. You can choose the color that suits you from 28 shades of this collection🦋

Rorec sheet mask

 Starting the day with a Rorec sheet mask ✨ The fabric is pleasant, does not slip off the face and is not strongly felt. Very pleasant fruity aroma, but not strong, so it is suitable for sensitive skin. It evens out the tone, removes swelling (if you add a roller) and dries inflammation, leaving the skin moisturized.

Blush Vivienne Sabo

I love blush, very much. Especially when they are budget ☺  I fell in love with them as soon as I saw them and immediately ordered them. The color is pleasant, the pigmentation is average, as befits a blush. They have a pleasant floral smell, and they themselves are beautiful.  In general, if you are a blush fan like me, I advise you to replenish your collection. The shade is more like coral than pink. Looks like a tan.

Too Faced Natural Eyes Palette

One of the most popular palettes of this brand. It very often appears in the store and immediately disappears, because the hype for it is huge. It presents 9 shades: soft matte, mother-of-pearl and sparkling. With the help of them, you can do both daytime makeup and noble evening makeup, enjoying a pleasant vanilla-coconut scent😍 The shadow texture has been updated. Now the formula contains coconut oil, which makes the shadows more creamy and easy to apply. Shadows do not crumble and last throughout the day. The case itself is not very large, so it is convenient to take with you on trips. In a word - a dream🦋 Sold only at Sephora  

Too Faced Eye Primer

One of the indispensable tools that will help you achieve longevity and good pigmentation of shadows in makeup. The primer has an oily texture that absorbs quickly enough. The color of the product is almost transparent. When squeezed, a slight beige tint was visible, but when applied to the eyelid, the color smoothes and blends with yours, mattifying the skin and hiding imperfections. Using it, sometimes there is a problem of heavy shading of shadows in the inner crease of the eyelid. Apparently due to the fact that the shadows and primer instantly mix with each other. This is a plus, since during the day the shade remains quite clear, nothing is smeared anywhere and does not crumble. If you still do not have a primer under the shadows, then I strongly advise you to purchase it, but for now you can use a corrector / concealer as an alternative. Sold only at Sephora  

Palette Catrice 5 in 1 box

I don't really like cold palettes, since Smokey is not my thing (you can see for yourself), but I know that for many girls with cold undertones, it is difficult to find a palette that will not loosen. I found it for you. This is an analogue, one might even say almost a copy of our beloved Natasha Denona Mini. The shadows are a little loose and can crumble, they blend out normally, but they can stick on the primer.  There are many different color variations in this launch, the formula is good, so you can choose the colors for yourself.

YSL Lip Gloss Volupte

My favorite lip gloss. This is the second jar. Its texture is incredibly light and delicate. It fits well on the skin of the lips, strongly moisturizing them and not emphasizing peeling. Shine will make lips look bigger.  Aroma and taste are a different story. Try not to eat the gloss, which gives off a pleasant, juicy, fruity scent. The palette of shades is quite versatile, so you definitely can’t go wrong with the choice. I have it in shade 102. In general, 3 in 1: moisturize, increase, embellish🦋 If we are talking about lip products, then for me the favorite is definitely YSL. Feel free to take their products, you will not regret. I often see them on the stands in L'etoile and Sephora.  

Apparatus for vacuum cleaning of the face

 The main task of this apparatus is to clean the pores from various impurities, cosmetic residues, and the production of excess fat. It also gives a lifting effect. If you do massage on 1-2 suction mode, you can restore skin tone and get rid of wrinkles. The device has three light lamps:  Red - promotes collagen regeneration;  Green - decomposes melanin;  Blue - has an anti-inflammatory effect. But you need to be careful when cleaning your face, and see which suction mode is right for you, since in mode 4-5 you may have “hickeys”. Be sure to steam your face before use to expand the pores, so cleansing will be much more effective!

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