Lipstick Burberry Kisses Sheer

One of the best lipsticks I've ever bought. Hue can shimmer and change saturation under different lighting conditions. It also has a very stable structure, thanks to an improved formula and natural ingredients.

 Lipstick moisturizes the skin of the lips well, does not emphasize peeling, and will not roll for a long time. Looks natural when repeated throughout the day. It has an unsharp gentle aroma, and a pleasant taste on the lips.

 It is worth noting the packaging, it is magnetic, which is very convenient.

 I have it in shade 261. You can choose the color that suits you from 28 shades of this collection🦋


  1. magnetic packaging convenient for space travel😁

    1. Today, about 10 percent of astronauts in NASA are women😊


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