Too Faced Eye Primer

One of the indispensable tools that will help you achieve longevity and good pigmentation of shadows in makeup.

The primer has an oily texture that absorbs quickly enough. The color of the product is almost transparent. When squeezed, a slight beige tint was visible, but when applied to the eyelid, the color smoothes and blends with yours, mattifying the skin and hiding imperfections.

Using it, sometimes there is a problem of heavy shading of shadows in the inner crease of the eyelid. Apparently due to the fact that the shadows and primer instantly mix with each other. This is a plus, since during the day the shade remains quite clear, nothing is smeared anywhere and does not crumble.

If you still do not have a primer under the shadows, then I strongly advise you to purchase it, but for now you can use a corrector / concealer as an alternative.

Sold only at Sephora



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