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Cream contouring SHIK

As you can see, I began to discover the world of liquid products. In general, I think that in the future everyone will switch to such products, because they contain more care ingredients and it is more convenient. SHIK has some of the best cream products (eyeshadow/blush). The sculptor is not inferior to them. The shade is good, not very pigmented, so it's hard to overdo it. The product does not distort the tonal basis, it has practically no smell. Can be used as a foundation tint.  

Sculpting Palette TARTE

A great option for a travel palette, its size is quite small, like the size of the refills themselves.  I have mixed feelings about this product. On the one hand, the blush and highlighter are very beautiful and will suit many skin colors, but the sculptor, like many others, on my undertone (green) strongly highlights in red.  I also noticed very strong shedding in blush and sculptor, they are so strong that the product consumption increases by 2-3 times, if we also take into account weak pigmentation. Well, for such money it’s quite good, the main thing is that it’s convenient. I would take it again for the highlighter, but I won’t advise you (it’s better to take Catrice) Sold exclusively at Sephora.

Kevyn Aucoin Liquid Eyeshadow Set

 A set of 3 metallic liquid eyeshadows. All colors are amazingly beautiful. On the eyes, the shadows blend well and hold, even without fixing. The set is ideal for a base for every day, there is a base shade, darkening and white for the corner of the eye. When I ordered them, I did not look at the quantity of the product, so when they arrived, I was very surprised by these little ones. Of course, the size is not bad for liquid shadows, but after SHIK the standards are too high✨  In general, I advise you to take liquid shadows - the trend of new seasons + convenient for quick makeup.

Mistakes when washing with foam / gel

1. Using a dirty or rough towel. 2. Applying the product to dry skin. 3. Washing with dirty hands. 4. Using the wrong product. 5. Poor preparation of the skin after make-up removal. 6. Washing with too hot or too cold water. If you haven't found the right cleanser yet, scroll through our blog and find one of the best cleansers for you.

Lamel lip oil

I decided to look for a replacement for Clarins oil and now I came across this oil. It smells nice, fits well on the lips, it is not strongly felt. Lips are not sticky, as with many glosses. Well prepares the skin of the lips for makeup. Has a slight pinkish tinge. The only negative is the applicator, it gets little product and it is quite hard, so you have to repeat the action several times to cover the lips completely.

Highlighter Fenty Beauty Diamond Bomb

I got this highlighter from the New Year set in a miniature version. Of course, 2.8 grams for a miniature is quite a lot, so you can praise Rihanna for that. Many do not like highlighters with separate sequins, but I really love it, it is a very useful thing for video and photo shoots. Although I use it even in daily makeup.  Usually this highlighter formula brings out the texture of the skin, but this one is slightly creamy, so it goes on evenly without taking off the tone or emphasizing the texture. The taste and color, I guess. Sold exclusively at Sephora  

Tone by Sephora

I have not yet understood what this tone can be compared to, but if we attribute it to the budget, then it is very good. Reminds me a bit of the tone from FENTY.  The texture is pleasant, lies on the skin well, hides pores and covers imperfections. Coverage is medium to heavy. There are many shades, but, unfortunately, most often most of the shades are sold out. Has no smell.  It applies well with both a brush and a sponge (do not forget that creamy textures must be applied with a synthetic brush). For your money - top. Sold exclusively at Sephora.  

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