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Clarins V Shaping Facial Lift Serum

 This product is designed to model the face, create a lifting effect and relieve puffiness. I can not say that after the first application the effect on the face is noticeable. I think it is rather cumulative, because after a week of use, the face really began to swell less. If we talk about the lifting effect, then I achieve it with the help of massage movements with this serum.  I can not help but note the smell, it is very tasty, such fruity references. The texture is very pleasant, quickly absorbed, creating a velvet effect on the face. In my opinion, a fairly economical consumption for the product.  Of course, I bought it at a discount and I advise you. They are very often held on the official website and in other stores.

Estee Lauder The Brow Multi-tasker

I learned about its versatility just the other day, given that I used it for a year ... It turns out that this pencil has not only a brush for combing eyebrows and a rod, but also a sponge with powder, which was hidden in the middle! The brush is classic, nothing to say - comfortable. Such a rod will help emphasize the density and shape of your eyebrows, making it very natural. For an accurate drawing of the eyebrows, I think you need to take a different pencil. The powder will fix the color of the eyebrows well and give them expressiveness. The pencil holds the pigment for a very long time and does not crumble. My favorite shade is “01 Blonde”!

Blush Lottie London Blush Crush

 I've been using this blush for two years now, I really like the texture and shade! Although it is a dry product, the blush itself has a fairly creamy texture. Works great with both brush and sponge. In this blush, I was immediately bribed by pigmentation.  You should not be afraid, despite the bright color and strong pigment, blush can be shaded almost to zero if you work with a natural brush. I can safely advise them both for daily makeup and for creativity!✨ Sold exclusively in Letual.

Top makeup brushes

  Top foundation brushes 1✨ - Price/Quality - fibers do not fall out 2✨ - Comfortable shape - fibers do not fall out 3✨ - Comfortable shape - fibers do not fall out - Soft Top blush brushes 1✨ - Price/Quality fibers do not fall out 2✨ - Comfortable shape - fibers do not fall out - Does not absorb pigment 3✨ - Comfortable shape - fibers do not fall out - Soft Top dry highlighter brushes 1✨ - Comfortable shape - fibers do not fall out 2✨ - Thin coating - fibers do not fall out - Does not absorb pigment 3✨ - Soft - fibers do not fall out - Comfortable shape

Starting the day with EUNYUL sheet mask☀️

Personally, I don't really like masks with "horse oil", but I liked this one. Impregnation is good, a lot of serum inside the package. The fabric is pleasant, like all Korean masks. There is almost no smell, slightly sweet.  The mask does not peel off the face, removes swelling, tightens pores and evens out skin tone, but does not moisturize it much. 🍃  

We end the day with a new rubric!🍃

 I usually do monotonous makeup, so I decided to revive the old trend and experiment with random makeup colors. Hope you enjoy!🌸 Added some sparkle with liquid shadows from Kevyn Aucoin✨

NYX slide on lip pencil

If you want a matte long lasting finish on your lips, then you should pay attention to this pencil. It does not roll during the day, it has a strong pigment, it is also hard to wash off, but this is more of a plus, I think. Very pleasantly felt on the lips - the effect of silk. Initially, I was looking for an eyeliner for myself, mixed it up and bought this one. After the second use, I realized that it is oh so cool for lips. But how persistent it is, to some extent even better than many eyeliners.  I think people with sensitive skin should not use it this way, unless for its intended purpose. But if you want to experiment - feel free to take it. Quite multifunctional. I have it in the shade "Sweet Pink 10". The blog has a description of makeup with this pencil.

Gift set TOO FACED

 This set includes the legendary TOO FACED products: Better than sex mascara and Lip injection gloss, but with a new cherry flavor and a pinkish tint. All products are presented in miniature formats.  Mascara is a controversial product, some people love it, especially the American YouTube segment, some just hate it. It gives a strong volume to the eyelashes, but not everything fits beautifully. If your eyelashes are very thick, there is a chance that she will stick them together.  My eyelashes are thick and curled by nature and this mascara suits me 50/50. Glitter, I personally liked less. My lips are also large and I did not see much difference, except for a change in color.  Overall, the set is not bad, if you want to get acquainted with these products, but are afraid to take the full size format, this set is a good choice.✨ Sold exclusively at Sephora

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