Gift set TOO FACED

 This set includes the legendary TOO FACED products: Better than sex mascara and Lip injection gloss, but with a new cherry flavor and a pinkish tint. All products are presented in miniature formats. 

Mascara is a controversial product, some people love it, especially the American YouTube segment, some just hate it. It gives a strong volume to the eyelashes, but not everything fits beautifully. If your eyelashes are very thick, there is a chance that she will stick them together.

 My eyelashes are thick and curled by nature and this mascara suits me 50/50. Glitter, I personally liked less. My lips are also large and I did not see much difference, except for a change in color. 

Overall, the set is not bad, if you want to get acquainted with these products, but are afraid to take the full size format, this set is a good choice.✨

Sold exclusively at Sephora