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Where has the green gone?

Where has the green gone? Yesterday it was, today it is not. I didn't find it in the garden. The reed trembles like a candle in the pond, and the lush maple changed its outfit, its sheets are burning with fire.

I ran down to the river. Perhaps the greenery in the stream? The clouds were white in the river, yellow ribbon of sand, and reflected to the skies orange-purple forest.

A bright forest stream hiding under a big pine tree.
And she was the only one as before, bright green.
And the brook murmured to me, that the year is almost over.

After all, today is autumn, not spring,— a pine tree rustled to me - autumn loves yellow.
I have been painting sheets with them for many years.
All-everything covered with yellowness, green color - on me alone.


  1. I love how this turned out! It really makes your eyes stand out!

  2. What stunning eye makeup! So perfect for fall.


  3. WOW absolutely gorgeous! Green is my favourite colour of all time so I just adore this!
    Suzy x

  4. Fun intersection of nature and beauty!

  5. Love your makeup. The green eye shadow is beautiful.
    Thank you for participating in Talent-Sharing Tuesdays Link-Up 34.

  6. How very nice to meet you and your blog!

  7. Beautiful eye makeup on you! I will have to try some shadow like this, I have green eyes!
    thanks for linking with THT!


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