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A woman in white, a poet's dream

A woman in white, a poet's dream
A branch of lilac from rainbow feelings,
Naturally dressed in a dress of spring,
Subtle wisdom of karmic arts.

Woman in white, fate's purity,
The look carries faith, purity in the soul,
In quick movements magical precision,
An angel draws beauty with its wing.

A woman in white, a hint of innocence
Wedding bell, light in the sky
A drop of dawn, golden invisibility,
The cosmos of the universe is in fragile hands.

Woman in white, question and riddle
What is hidden in the heart, in the soul,
The sheet is like a snowflake, the notebook is shining,
Gentle oasis, crystal in a mirage.

Woman in white, holy daisy,
Happiness guesses on all the petals,
A linen shirt is closer to her body,
Eternal flight in melodic lines.

Woman in white, lyrical angel
Hides magic wings from eyes,
Light and love her creed from the rules,
A bright fairy tale of bewitching rhinestones.

You will meet a woman in white as a reward,
If you love, magically keep
Among the crowd you will notice her wings,
Woman in white messenger of the earth.

Somewhere Over The Rainbow

Somewhere in the distance far up and the dreams that you envision in a lullaby once.
Somewhere in the distance flying bluebirds
Likewise, the dreams you have indeed, dreams do come true.
I make a wish for a star someday.
Where the clouds are far behind me, I will wake up.
Where adversity dissolves like lemon droplets above the top of the chimney.

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 by Gail at "Is This Mutton?"

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  1. Beautiful! I went to a party last night and wore all white!
    Suzy xx

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  3. white can be a powerful color.


  4. These looks are fabulous!

  5. These words and looks are amazing! White never goes out of style. Thanks for the link up.

  6. Love the soft, shimmering makeup looks to complement the white dresses.
    Thank you for participating in Talent-Sharing Tuesdays Link-Up 35.

  7. Very honoured to be last week's favourite! Beautiful post about white. The somewhere over the rainbow makeup is fabulous! Thanks for linking.

  8. Wonderful photo essay on white!


  9. Love all white! It has such an ethereal look. The shadows are beautiful too~

  10. So beautiful in white, and what a great poem and photos!

    Thank you for joining the Weekday Wear Link Up! Hope you are had a lovely weekend :) It's a 3 day one here which is awesome.

    Away From The Blue


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