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The sequel to Wuthering heights

My dear Katherine, I missed you very much.
Wuthering Heights is empty without you.
And I would moor, but where is our mooring?
With your departure, I barely remained intact.

Around only fog and rolling thunder whines,
Outside the wooden window you can see a dim light,
Hunting house, where we were together
By the fireplace that no longer exists.

It smells different here now, darker than night spleen.
And the food has become tasteless too.
If only fortune could help me,
I would carry you in my arms again.

Once more, I gathered flowers from the morning dew,
And after being dreadfully chilly, I offered them to you.
I don't need anything but your soul
Mine burns out in a silent fire without you.

My sweet Katherine, tell me why?
You were taken from me and will never return,
And tonight I'll just fall asleep again,
Only with the hope that I can deceive my fate.
Your cup is not touched, a plaid at the bed's feet,
Every day I wipe a layer of dust from the surfaces...

I've been out all night
returning to his side to make things right
coming home to Wuthering Heights
It's me, I've come home because I'm freezing, 
please let me in your window.



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